Make things with pistachio Shell

Collect pistachio shells every time you eat them. You bet its fun. You don't have to buy them separately as you doing it in your leisure time. I did this when I had loads of time during my pregnancy. And i enjoyed doing it. Had saved these two pics out of those i had made.
Its very simple and fascinating to make something on your own. This can be taught to school going kids as a fun activity. For this all you need is fun mood, colors (sketch pens or water colors or permanent markers), white paper, quick fix and pistachio shells and you are all set to do whatever you wanna make :)
lets say this flower:
  • Paint 12-13 shells in yellow color to make flower petals
  • Paint 6-7 shells in green color to make leaves
  • Finally just assemble them the way you want and stick it with quick fix
  1.  Don't use temporary colors as they will wash out  and crayons wont work on shell as they are glacier.
  2. Glue or any cello tapes wont work as well as they will make them non presentable and wont stick shells together.
You can frame it and hang it in your drawing room as a show piece or use it in many other ways you want.


Koci said...

What a cool project! I've never heard of painting pistachio shells before, but it looks really pretty!

Yesim said...

When i was a child, i was used to do that :))

Michele said...

How cute! My daughter would have LOVED this project when she was small ;)

Food Fun Freak said...

Thanks Koci...yes indeed!
You can make anything out of it with your creativity :)

Food Fun Freak said...

Its fun among kids. Yesim your blog is super cool...i am your new follower ;)

Food Fun Freak said...

Thanks Michele!

gringarl said...

what a great idea, I so envy you for having so much patience to paint pistachio shells

Vidhya said...

Loved this project waiting for Saturday to do it with my daughter.

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